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Many software solutions don’t see the light of day.

Or when they do, it’s the wrong solution. Processes take long, codebases become crippled with debt and talented people get frustrated along the way. Sounds familiar? We’ve been there too and we noticed many technology organizations run into the same issues. Again and again. We’re on a mission to change that and help more teams to release great technology in an enjoyable way.

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We keep things simple so you can focus on your tech solutions. Ask us your tech-related question via the form below. We’ll write you back with advice within 48 hours. And that’s that! (still got questions after our initial response? No problem, we’ll correspond with you until you’re all set!)

Why ask Ikram and Ronald

Total tech perspective

Ronald has experience as a chief technology officer, Ikram as a chief product officer. Together we cover all aspects of technology; from architectural solutions to product market fit strategy to people- and crisis management at all levels of the organization.

Free professional advice

Free? Yes. We hate seeing the same mistakes being made in tech organizations again and again. So we’re offering our services for free to make a positive impact, also for teams that cannot afford professional advice.

Confidential, obviously

We know this can only work if we act like your non-judgemental friend who doesn’t gossip. Good thing that’s exactly what we’re like. Also, we don’t like being sued. So your secrets are safe with us.

About Ikram

About Ronald

Ronald is a software engineer with a passion for building products. As a co-founder of a Withlocals, he has experienced all stages of building a startup from pre-MVP to scale-up.


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